Positions Available

Click on the link below for job description.

     Certified Nursing Assistant Home Health Care

     Certified Nursing Assistant Inpatient Services PT (64)

      Employee Health / Infection Preventionist PT (40)


      Patient Registration PT (64)

      Registered Nurses PT (64)

      Rehabilitation Services Director FT











Culinary and Environmental Services Positions Available

Spooner Health is partnering with Aramark to provide Culinary and Environmental Services. Aramark is hiring to fill key Culinary Service and Environmental Service positions at the new Spooner Health facility.
Below you will find directions to get to their website to apply  .
NOTE: You must apply online.
Website:                          www.aramark.com
Click on the word:            CAREERS
CITY (type in):                 SPOONER
STATE (choose):             Wisconsin
Click on SEARCH button
The open positions will appear. Click on position line you are interested in applying for.
Complete application and submit.
Below are direct links to the new positions being posted from Aramark to work at Spooner Health:
Environmental Service positions
Environmental Services 
Culinary Service positions
Host/Hostess (FT) 




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