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Home Care

 Home Care is medical and other related services that are provided in a patient’s home. These services help patients achieve and maintain their maximum level of health without needing a lengthy hospital or nursing home stay. They also help facilitate a smooth transition from the hospital to living independently again.

Patients of all ages, illnesses and disabilities can benefit from the Spooner Health home care services.

Advantages of home care:
  • Patients are able to remain in a comfortable and familiar environment during their recovery.
  • Family and friends can directly participate in a patient’s care.
  • The cost of home care is significantly less than a hospital or nursing home stay.
  • We work with your insurance, Medicare, medical assistance and the Veteran’s Administration to obtain coverage for home care services. 

If you have questions about our home care services, please call 715-939-1738.

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Home care services available:

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